Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Ranu Kumbolo, Wait For Me ! I'm Coming Over...

It left than 2 weeks for me to prepare all the things needed before my 10 days of journey at East Java, Indonesia , especially for the camping planning at Ranu Kumbolo. As far as i'm concern, camping at Ranu Kumbolo is not something i can take for granted. You need to hike almost 10 kilometres away starting from Ranu Pani Village before get into the place. 

I'm not going to elaborate more and more before i really really know how that place really is , and until my bare foot standing on the land. Because, you will never know the truth until you go through the real situation with your own body and your eyes as the witness. 

Here i attach some pictures from the web. The pictures of Ranu Kumbolo

This is the place where i will camping, Ranu Kumbolo

Tanjakan Cinta

Oro-Oro Ombo

Ayek-Ayek Stripe

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Day 2 at Sg. Pauh Camping Site, Cameron Highland

One of the best things to do when you are in a vacation is to wake up early in the morning , which is you rarely doing it when you are at home in you room on weekends.

Second day at Sg. Pauh Cameron Highland Camping Site. I woke up as early as 6 am prepared for dawn prayer. As soon as i jumped out from our tent, coldness catched my skin and bone. It was really really cold as my teeth  clenched. The rain has stopped and i headed to the women's bathroom. There were not many people at that time. So, i had easily get a room to wash my face and brush teeth comfortably without bother. The water was so cold like an ice drink in regrigerator! Urghh..what a cold day !

All is wet

At 6.30 a.m , my twin and i took a bath and prepared for our breakfast at Tanah Rata since there was nothing for us to cook and eat. Bathing early morning in Cameron Highland is very challenging of the cold water. Your brain could be freezing when the water touch your head!

We walked early in the morning

We ate roti canai at a stall at about 8.00 am. The sunshine has brought some warmth and eliminate raindrops and dew in the morning. While eating, we discussed our destination and activity for the day.

Consensus has reached and we decided to go to Gunung Irau. We asked local people how to get there. From their informations,you can get a public bus to Gunung Irau. There is a public bus will stop at Taman Rama-Rama. Informations from the local peoples,  Gunung Irau is located just around the place. We took the public bus and disembarked at Taman Rama-Rama but we found nothing! There is no mountain at all. Hehe...

Chinese woman as the bus attendant

We found a signboard shows distances to Tea Plantation, Mossy Rainforest and other tourist area which is about 8 to 10 km away. We decided to go to Mossy Rainforest by walk. Since there were a few foreigners partners walked together,  we follow behind them and walked as far as 3 km away. 

3 km walking starts from here

There were so many cars along the road at Tea Plantation. Many tourists spend time to snap Bollywood style photos behind the tea leaves. Kuck Kuck Hota Hei Nehi Hei...Hehe.

My twin and i did not interested to snap so many photos around the tea plantation since we've been there about a year ago. So, we just continued our journey .

At Tea Plantation
Local jeep bring tourists

Unfortunately, in the halfway when we reached 3 km away,  we got some informations from the local peoples that Mossy Rainforest is still remote and we had to walk another 7-8 km away to get there. We were so dissapointed ! The time clock has showing 12.30 pm and we had no other choice but to turn back to get public transport. 

To walk 8 km away, will take 3 to 4 hours and we did not found much transports heading to Mossy Forest road at that time. Even, if we managed to get there, we did not have much time to turn back by walking and get public transport to our camping site from the public transport routes which is 3 km away from the Tea Plantation. So, i urged my twin to turn back before evening and not to pursue our desire to go to the Mossy Forest at the day. Besides that, we need to go back to Kuala Lumpur on the next day. 

My twin was really stubborn. At first, she refused to turn back and wished to continue our journey to Mossy Forrest by walk. We had a big argument on the road. As usual, she never wins but to concede with me. Hehe..

We went back to our camp site and arrived around 4.30 p.m. Sincerely, we so dissaponted because we did not get to the place we want to go all this while, Gunung Irau and Mossy Forest which is in the same place.  But all the frustrated had gone when we started to manage for cooking at night. 

On that evening, we went to Tanah Rata to buy charcoal because we failed to  light a fire with wet wood.  We got all stuff for cooking including rice, sardines, eggs etc.

There were only two families left at the camp site. One family with three family members. A mother , a father and their son. The rest was us. silence and peace.

On that night, in a nutshell, we cooked rice, sardines, eggs and prepared hot tea for dinner. Plus, we ate with extra meal. Marrybrown's  fried chickens we bought earlier. The dinner became the best we've ever had. I don't know how come it taste so delicious and  we ate with so appetite. All our frustration on the day dissapeared. We were very satisfied of what we cooked with our hard work especially in attempt to light a fire because it took hours to made it work!

Rice is in making

Eggs, sardine, marrybrown's fried chicken. All in one

After dinner, we had a chit chat outside of our tent and observed stars in the sky. Althought the area covered by trees, we still be able to observe the stars behind the leaves. The temperature was still cold that night. Sometimes, when i opened my mouth to speak, a little vapour out from my mouth. Hehe..exciting with winter vapour huh..

We entered our tent and went to sleep at 10 p.m. On that night, we had a beautiful sleep like a princess in her room palace.

The sad thing was thinking that we gonna leave this place at tomorrow morning. Emmm...

Day 1 at Sg. Pauh Camping Site, Cameron Highland

It has been two weeks since my twin and i camped at Kem Sg. Pauh, Cameron Highland. Now, i feel very very good and having a beautiful time and day to update the stories i've been pickeled for 2 weeks !

Ok, about two weeks ago, right before our pay day, my twin and i went to Cameron Highland, spontaneously without planning. At first, we were planning to camp at Sg. Pauh camping site only for 2 days and 1 night. But, due to the bad weather , we decided to continue for another 1 night. 

What? Continue camping in a bad weather instead of go home? Or maybe, we should find a cheap motel as shelter from the rain! No man ! I love this challenge and this is what i've been waiting for soooo long. Hehe !

We went  to the ticket counter and bought 2 express tickets at Puduraya, Kuala Lumpur. We boarded by bus from Puduraya at 9.30 am on 29th March. The journey took about 4 hours from Kuala Lumpur to Cameron Highland. 

Upon arrival around 1.30 pm, we had a lunch before continuing our journey because we were so starving like dying ! Hehe. 

Right after had a marvellous lunch nearby the bus station, we searched for the Sg. Pauh Camping site. Because this was our first time , we had no idea of the place. So, we just asked to the local people. Fortunately , there were 2 little girls who knows the place. They were so kind gave us the direction to the camp site. What was good,  they were telling us a shorcuts to the place. 

The shortcut can be through by walk. You can find a board written Parit Waterfall, near the Park at Tanah Rata, right after the river. There is small road along the river and it take about 15-20 minutes before you enter a place named Parit Waterfall. There is nothing enteresting at Parit Waterfall. We were so frustrated about the condition of the place because there was nothing good to explore but desolete and quiteness.

We continue by walked on a short hilly road. At the time, we were soooooo tired and exhausted .  Backpack we carried became heavier and we still didn't find the Sg. Pauh camping site !

Short hilly road is heavy enough for someone who bear a backpack

As usual, we asked to the local people and fortunately, there was uncle who knows the place. Time was about 2.30 pm at that time. We continued by walked and reach a small bridge near a homestay village, and mini strawberry parks. It was so cloudy and we knew its about to rain. The clouds touched the top of the trees and the views was so marvellous though! Very fantastic and romantic !

Be careful of your heavy not the bridge. Hehe..

It took only 5 minutes to reach camping site from the bridge and we were so excited because finally, we found the place without a single car and map! Hehe... 

Rhu trees along the road

There were a few groups early before us but there were still available site for us to set up our tent. We set up our tent as fast as possible because the rain was about to coming. And here the outcome. Taraaaaaaa!

Our Hotel California

It was rain once we set up our tent and its continued until midnight. I can't imagine how was so cold we through the first night at the camping site. For Asian people who never been wallow such a cold weather,'s a torture. I'm so sure that the temperature was drop to 20°C-18°C due to the heavy rain all the day. The ground became wet and our tent had a slight leakage due to the heavy rain.

Fortunately, we brought together our sleeping bag and winter coat, a real winter coat , for urgency in case of bad weather and cold temperatures at night in Cameron Highland. We did not carry all that stuff in vain huh! Hehe..

We through the night in a cold , hungry and had a difficulty for a good sleep.

p/s : thanks to my second sister because she lend me rm200 for the camping eventhough i never asked for that money. she is a good sister. i knew it. i only spend rm100 for foods...hehe

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Escapism Di Bumi Indera Kayangan - Menjejaki Pasport Ekspress

Jam 2.45 pagi. Esok pagi dah nak kena balik ke KL. Walaupun hanya beberapa jam akan meninggalkan bumi Perlis, hati dah mula merasa rindu akan bumi kayangan ini

Seminggu pengembaraan di bumi Indera Kayangan, Perlis. Jejak berakhir dengan selamatnya pada  
9 November 2013 jam 3.11 petang di simpang 3 berhampiran Bukit Keteri

Pengembaraan yang indah, mencabar dan tidak akan dilupakan sampai bila-bila. Mencabar kerana banyak kesukaran terpaksa dihadapi disebabkan pengembaraan ini dilakukan sepenuhnya menggunakan perkhidmatan kenderaan awam seperti bus dan teksi. Telah juga terpaksa berjalan kaki sejauh 6 km disebabkan kesukaran mendapatkan kenderaan awam dan tersesat! Perghhhhh.....................! 

Muka pun dah hangus teruk kena sunburn.  Dengan keluasan negeri hanya 810 km persegi, sepatutnya perjalanan di Perlis hanyalah mengambil masa kurang drp 3 hari. 

Tapi pengembaraan ini telah berlanjutan selama 6 hari bermula 3-9 November 2013 disebabkan tiada kenderaan sendiri.

Memang mencabar. Terkadang menguji kesabaran. Tapi bila dah berjaya sampai tempat yang dicari, kepayahan yg dilalui itu hilang bagai angin lembut yg menyapa. 

Apapun, kalau tak kerana filem pendek Pasport Ekspres, mungkin aku takkan pernah terlintas nak menjejakkan kaki ke bumi Perlis. Bermula dari filem pendek arahan pengarah muda Rewan Ishak inilah, yang merupakan anak jati negeri Perlis sendiri, menjadikan aku berinspirasi utk datang ke bumi Perlis buat kali pertamanya dlm hidup. Huhu..pertama kali setelah 29 tahun dibesarkan.

Siri escapism ini akan aku ceritakan dalam blog ini utk dijadikan kenangan. Kenangan yang indah dan benda yg kita kena ingat, kita kena simpan sampai bila-bila.

Seperti lirik lagu Ahmad Jais - Hidup Bukan Untuk Derita dalam filem ini 

" Hidup kita bukan untuk derita , Juga derita tidak selamanya....."

- akan bersambung -

Monday, December 31, 2012

Muzik 1Malaysia ^-^

Harapnya malam tahun baru 2013 ni tidurku takkan mimpi menari tarian India kerana terlalu kerap mengulang dengar muzik ni hari ni. Ni smua gara-gara muzik latar dalam video Konvoi Cintai Bahasa 29 Disember lepas la ni. Buatkan aku tangkap cintan dgn muzik ni. Susah2 cari dalam Youtube. Bukan senang nak cari ni. Dengan tak de kebolehan dan kefahaman bahasa Tamil. Dan tak de pertalian darah ngan Orang2 India mahupun Tamil..Heheheh

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Konvoi Cintai Bahasa DBP

Aktiviti hari ini : 
Konvoi Cintai Bahasa Sempena Bulan Bahasa Kebangsaan 2012 Peringkat W.P Kuala lumpur dan Selangor anjuran Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka

Tempat :
KL - Kajang - Dataran Merdeka (KL)

Peserta : 
20 buah kereta.

Cabaran : 
1) Mencari 10 kesalahan-kesalahan penggunaan bahasa dari pelbagai jenis seperti kesalahan tatabahasa dan ejaan, 5 penggunaan bahasa indah bagi nama kedai-kedai, nama jalan dan lain-lain, serta 10 kesalahan mengutamakan penggunaan bahasa lain selain daripada  Bahasa Melayu. Kami perlu menunjukkan bukti dalam bentuk gambar dan membuat catatan nota. Masa diberi 1 jam sahaja untuk cabaran ini.

2) Menyelesaikan 10 soalan silangkata, 10 soalan peribahasa dan 20 soalan terjemahan perkataan  Bahasa Melayu dan Bahasa Inggeris semasa dalam perjalanan.

Juara Pertandingan :
Kumpulan WRC 344 iaitu aku, my twin dan abang ipar. Huhuhuhuuuu..Dapat la RM400 sorang duit rayeee...

Hadiah :
Wang Tunai RM1200 + Buku Kamus Dewan


Video pengumuman kumpulan WRC 344 menang sebagai Johan iaitu kumpulan aku. Tak sempat nak habiskan rakaman video ni sebab kena naik pentas.


Kajang, Selangor

 Dataran Merdeka

Persembahan penyanyi Anas, Rancangan Mentor

 Video 2.08 minit

On the way dari Kajang balik semula ke KL menuju Dataran Merdeka. Hari ni rasa macam golongan kerabat diraja atas jalan raya je. Tak payah nak berhenti kete kat lampu trafik.

 Video 0.26 saat

Video 0.34 saat

Paling suka masa rakam video ni. Ade budak lelaki poyo menari-nari dan enteprame nak glamer. Haha...gile glamer sungguh!

Ape pun, aktiviti hari ni memberikan banyak kepuasan. Yang utamanya of course laaa sebab menang duit. Huhu..Johan pertandingan lak tu. Mengalahkan 19 kumpulan lain. Power sangat la kan?

Friday, December 21, 2012

Mood : Samurai


Agak-agak best ke jadi samurai? Aku tak pernah pun lagi buat kajian pasal Samurai. Tapi, aku rasa jadi Samurai ni best sebab hebat dalam pertarungan, lawan-lawan dan main pedang. Huhu..

Dulu aku pun penah belajar Karate-Do. Pernah jugak masuk pertandingan dan menang pingat. Rasa macam hebat jugak la dapat lawan-lawan dan tumbuk muka orang nak cari mata kemenangan. Kaki pun boleh tahan naik tinggi sampai atas kepala lawan.Yang tak tahan, bila muka sendiri kena tumbuk oleh lawan. Kepala kena sepak. Aduhhh!!!! Rasa bengang dan kebas otak di kepala.

Dulu, masa belajar Karate-Do, aku gila belajar KATA melalui video-video dalam Youtube. Yang paling best layan video Kata Championship. Kata ni memang aku belajar semua utk belt grading. Kalau tak lepas kata, tak dapat la naik tali pinggang. Lepas belajar step-step dalam Kata, praktis Kumite pulak dgn kawan. Kumite tu maksudnye lawan betul-betul la..Haha..simple wordsPaling admire tengok video 3 orang pompuan ni. Berkali-kali aku tengok untuk belajar Kata.

Tapi itu dulu. Zaman muda-muda.. Sekarang ni, aktiviti tumbuk menumbuk dan sepak-menyepak tu dah lama aku tinggalkan. Tumbuk lesung batu bila nak memasak kat dapur jer la skang ni.

Zaman muda  (-.-) dulu, pernah baca satu novel thriller melayu tajuk Hatiku Di Harajuku : Ramlee Awang Murshid. Menceritakan tentang kisah Samurai Melayu yang hebat tak terlawankan. Hebat sangat-sangatlah sampai samurai jepun pun kalah ngan Samurai Melayu ni. Hehe..Boleh tahan jugak imaginasi Ramlee Awang Murshid ni. 

Tapi mane novel ni aku simpan ek? Mane menghilang? Aku dah buang ke? Dah lupa ni...

Tapi tak apelah. Sebenarnya bukan nak citer pasal novel.

BerCiter pasal Samurai ni sebab beberapa hari lepas ada beli sebuah buku berkenaan dengan teologi. Menambahkan lagi koleksi buku teologi aku. Buku berkaitan dengan agama dan amalan golongan Samurai. Belum start baca pun lagi. Tapi, first time tengok masa di kedai buku terus jatuh hati dan terus beli. Macam menarik je. Bukanlah agama Samurai tu yg menarik. Tapi maybe ada kualiti tertentu dalam isi kandungannya.  

So, let's start reading!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Dokumentari Ringkas: Mereka Tanpa Rumah


Hari ini seawal jam 6.40 pagi aku keluar daripada rumah menjalankan misi yang dah tertangguh selama 2 minggu. Iaitu mengambil gambar gelandangan-gelandangan (homeless people) sekitar Kuala Lumpur. Pada awalnya, aku dinasihatkan oleh kakak sulung supaya tidak melakukan aktiviti ini atas faktor keselamatan. 

Tapi, biasalah...aku ni bukan jenis makan saman. Bila kakak dan abang ipar aku menakut-nakutkan aku pasal kemungkinan dikejar gelandangan yang tak berapa sihat akal, aku kecut perut jugak. Tapi, semua tu tak mematahkan semangat aku. Dan hari ni, aku melaksanakan misi ini.

Aku tak keseorangan. Bersama dengan aku adalah my twin. Kami menuju ke destinasi dengan menaiki bas drp rumah dan seterusnya menaiki tren dan berhenti di Stesen Pasar Seni. Dengan hanya berjalan kaki, kami meronda sekitar kawasan Masjid Jamek, Jalan Sultan dan Jalan Tun Perak.

Setelah turun di Stesen Pasar Seni, aku menjangkakan akan menjumpai ramai gelandangan yang masih enak dibuai mimpi sekitar kawasan Central Market. Tapi, jangkaan aku meleset. Tak ada seorang gelandangan pun yang tidur di atas kerusi batu berhampiran Stesen LRT Pasar Seni. Aku agak kepelikan. Biasanya, ramai je gelandangan yang akan berkumpul di kawasan ni. Tapi, pagi ni, seorang gelandangan pun tak ada. Aku agak kecewa. Kemungkinan pihak berkuasa DBKL telah menjalankan misi membersihkan kawasan ini yang selama ini dicacatkan oleh kehadiran para gelandangan. Di kawasan ni, aku hanya berjaya mengambil gambar seekor kucing yang masih nampak mengantuk di balik pokok.

Seterusnya kami ke Jalan Sultan. Walaupun masih awal pagi sekitar pukul 7, Jalan Sultan ternyata sudah riuh rendah dengan aktiviti pasar jualan barangan terpakai di sepanjang jalan. Semasa menelusuri jalan ni, keadaan kami tidak begitu selesa disebabkan bau busuk yang kurang menyenangkan. Orang ramai terutamanya para pendatang asing kelihatan begitu sibuk dengan aktiviti jual beli barangan terpakai. Ada jugak pelancong asing mengunjungi pasar pagi ni. 

Ada seorang gelndangan di situ

Patung Santa Claus pun ade?

Duit lama dari pelbagai negara

Memandangkan ini pengalaman pertama aku mengambil gambar gelandangan, dan bila memikirkan peringatan kakak aku tentang ganasnya para gelandangan ni, aku agak kecut perut untuk capture gambar secara dekat. Jadi ada beberapa gambar yang aku capture blur disebabkan takut!

Dalam gambar di atas, ada 3 gelandangan yang tidur. Tidak diketahui jantinanya. Masing-masing berselimut. Mungkin kerana kesejukan udara diwaktu malam. Bayangkan...dalam keenakan kita manusia yang normal ni enak dibuai mimpi di atas katil yang empuk dibawah atap berbumbung dan dalam 'istana' batu yang selamat, mereka ni tidur di kaki-kaki lima, bertemankan kesejukan malam, kekotoran dan bau busuk. Betapa daif kehidupan gelandangan ni. Bayangkan bagaimana mereka tidur bila keadaan hujan di waktu malam?

Masa capture gambar di atas, seorang daripada gelandangan ni terjaga drp tidur dan terpandang ke arah kami yang sedang syok mengambik gambar mereka. Cepat-cepat kami lari tak cukup tanah. Bimbang dikejar olehnya.

Masa capture gambar di atas, aku olok-olok nak ambik gambar orang ramai sedang berjual beli. Padahal sebenarnya aku fokuskan kamera ke arah gelandangan ni. Kalau fokus direct pada dia, nanti disyaki pulak. Gelandangan ni asyik pandang aku je masa tengah capture gambar ni. Tapi, aku pandai berlakon...akhirnya berjaya curi tangkap gambar dia yang sedang duduk termenung di tepi jalan dalam keadaan jalan raya sibuk dengan orang ramai dan kenderaan yang lalu lalang. Entah apa yang dia sedang fikirkan agaknya...

Nampak tak dia sedang pandanga ke arah aku?

Seterusnya, kami berjalan menuju ke Jalan Tun Perak, berdekatan dengan Puduraya. Melalui kawasan ni, aku juga agak kecewa sebab biasanya ada ramai gelandangan yang tidur berhampiran Puduraya. Tapi, pagi ni, tak ramai yang boleh dilihat. Hanya beberapa orang saja yang kelihatan masih tidur.

Gambar ni diambil disebalik bas. Berselindung takut kalau-kalau gelandangan ni menyedari gambarnya sedang diambil dan mengejar aku. Lihat makanan dan minumannya. Agak-agak dia beli dengan duit sendiri, diberi orang, atau dikutip sisa-sisa makanan dari tong-tong sampah?

Gelandangan ni agak special sikit. Mempunyai kerusi malas dan siap cuci dan ada jemuran baju lagi tuuu... 

Seterusnya kami berpatah semula ke Central Market untuk breakfast. Ternampak lagi seorang gelandangan yang masih tidur.

Misi kami tamat pada pukul 8 pagi. Seterusnya kami singgah di KFC di Central Market untuk bersarapan. Setelah sarapan, kami pun lepak sekejap di Dataran Merdeka.

Secara keseluruhan, sekarang ni gelandangan yang berada di sekitar KL sudah tak ramai macam dulu. Kalau dulu, bukan main ramai lagi gelandangan yang boleh dilihat pada bila-bila masa saja di kawasan seperti Puduraya dan Stesen LRT Pasar Seni. 

Golongan gelandangan ni walaupun adalah pinggiran masyarakat, sebenarnya masih ada pihak yang sudi memberi ihsan dan bantuan dalam bentuk makanan. Setahu aku, pada waktu malam, ada pihak bertanggungjawab yang akan mengagihkan bantuan makanan kepada golongan ini pada hari-hari tertentu. Bukan setakat makanan ini diagihkan kepada para gelandangan. Malah orang-orang miskin juga menrima bantuan ini yang diagihkan sekitar ibu kota. Aku sendiri pun tak pasti sama ada program ini masih dijalankan atau tidak. Melalui pembacaan beberapa sumber di internet, aku yakin, program agihan makanan percuma ini masih lagi dijalankan demi membela golongan gelandangan , miskin dan tak berkemampuan.

Tapi, bila aku fikirkan, sampai bila mereka nak hidup merempat dan memikul gelaran sebagai gelandangan yang sentiasa terpinggir dalam masyarakat? Kalau pun mereka ni pernah melalui zaman kejatuhan dalam sejarah lampau hidup mereka, takkanlah selama-lamanya mereka membiarkan kehidupan mereka terus jatuh dalam lembah yang hina dalam pandangan masyarakat ni? Sedangkan kebanyakan daripada mereka masih memiliki tubuh badan yang sihat. Masih mampu untuk bekerja mencari rezeki. Adakah disebabkan keadaan hidup mereka yang sebegini menyebabkan hilangnya kewarasan dan pertimbangan akal dalam mencari hala tuju dalam hidup?

Bagi aku, selagi manusia mampu berfikir dengan waras, selagi itulah manusia wajib berjuang menjulang kehidupan mereka ke tahap kehidupan yang senormal dan se-selesa mungkin. Aku masih ingat lagi sebuah filem berteraskan kisah benar tentang seorang gelandangan wanita bernama Liz Murray dalam filem bertajuk Homeless To Harvard. 

Kisah benar tentang Liz Murray yang mempunyai keberanian dan keazaman yang  tinggi untuk berjaya walaupun menghadapi pelbagai kekurangan dalam hidup sehingga akhirnya menjerumus kehidupanya sebagai seorang gelandangan. Beliau mempunyai ibu bapa yang ketagihan dadah, tiada makanan untuk dimakan dan akhirnya setelah kematian ibu dan berpisah daripada bapanya yang seorang penagih dadah, akhirnya dia hilang tempat tinggal dan menjadi seorang gelandangan. Walaubagaimanapun, berbekalkan semangat yang luar biasa, akhirnya dia berjaya mendapatkan biasiswa belajar di Harvard.

Trailer Homeless To Harvard

Liz Murray dalam dunia realiti

Jadi, aku yakin manusia walau sedalam mana pun dia pernah jatuh dan merasai kesakitan dalam kehidupan, selagi ada azam dan semangat luar biasa dalam diri, mereka pasti mampu berjaya walau dalam apa keadaan sekali pun. Tinggal nak atau tak nak saja...

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Fairytale ft Orchestra

Years ago when I was younger
I kinda liked a girl I knew
She was mine and we were sweethearts
That was then, but then it's true

I'm in love with a fairytale even though it hurts
'Cause I don't care if I lose my mind I'm already cursed

Every day we started fighting
Every night we fell in love
No one else could make me sadder
But no one else could lift me high above

I don't know what I was doing
When suddenly we fell apart
Nowadays I cannot find her
But when I do we'll get a brand new start

I'm in love with a fairytale even though it hurts
'Cause I don't care if I lose my mind I'm already cursed

She's a fairytale, yeah even though it hurts
'Cause I don't care if I lose my mind I'm already cursed

Friday, November 2, 2012

This Is How I Decorate My Wall

For over 28 years of my life in this world, this is what I have learned about how to decorate wall in the room to make your room look fancy and get nice viewing before you go to sleep.

Sticker's animals on my wall for only  RM6.50!!!

No need to go to the zoo anymore  just to see elephants, zebras, crocodiles and et cetera. Nice..really nice! And so SILLY - that's what other people's would say.

Best Of Theirs

Countdown to Ramadhan 2013

Ingin Menjelajah Suatu Hari Nanti -InsyaAllah-

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